Dream: Bash and Slash ft. My Uncle

Recently, well last night actually. I had a dream that envolved me and my uncle and some other random people. In the dream I remember seeing the faces of people that I knew, but I can’t remember them. Equivalen to knowing you know something, but not knowing what it is you exactly know. I never saw my uncle, but I I could hear his voice and in a way felt his presence in the dream. I’ve been thinking about in what sense he was there, but the only one I can think of is that he was a voice from the future. I have an obscure video game reference, but it’s from a mediocre game so I’ll leave that out. He was from the future and he was teaching me how to fight. I’m assuming he was in the present time(the one we are in now). While I was in the dark ages where people fought by cursing each other’s names and the ocassional beheading via a bladed weapon. This tournament was taking place, I don’t know why, nor do I have an idea of the reason I was in it. It was a dream so this is the area I was thrown into. Invisible is a word I would use to describe how I felt. I parried incoming attacks that where swiped to wide to dodge. I took down women with brute force and just simply rushed them down to finish them off.


I dodged out of the way of fleet-footed enemies and let their own weight give me and opening to strike. Physics in a dream is usually boring to me, but everything that happened was my idea of a good kind of realism. I was killing people, because I was better than them so I don’t mine the drab of realistic applications. My uncle seemed to be struggling with his own foes as he guided me through my conflict and told me what to expect when facing someone.

I suppose I should take this time know to explain it was like an arena setting where I would meet foes at random and have to dispatch them then. Reminds me of arena type shooters actually now that I consider the layout of the area I was in. I have had dreams before where it’s a remnant of something I thought about or saw before I fell asleep. I did have Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood playing in the background. Maybe that was the inspiration for the noises I heard here and there, who knows.

Not that weird of a dream for me to have, but my uncle being there to talk me through it was unusual. I plan on seeing Cloud Atlas soon and have been thinking about the concept behind that story. Maybe THAT had something to do with my uncle being there from the future. I had an idea for a game where someone guided. In a sense it’s equivalent to what Navi does the Link, but it’s more to it than that.

More to come on that.

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