Dream Hubs

1351277907119I dream often, and my dreams often take me to places I’ve never actually been, but it uses things I’ve to seen to create a place that seems familiar, but I know that it’s just a collection of ideas that create this place.

Sometimes when I dream I revisit these places after being there. It’s also populated by the same group of people. The only name I can come up that would describe these places is “Dream Hubs.” Most times it’s a room or an open field, but the people that are in this place never change. It’s not a déjà vu type dream where the same things happens. I can compare it to when you’re playing a RPG and you visit a previous location you’ve been to again and the characters there have all new dialog.

The interesting thing about these Dream Hubs is that I can get to them by different means. Sometimes I’m just dropped there and then sometimes I go through a door that takes me there. It’s usually always a different door that takes me to the same place.

The Dream Hub that I’ve been dreaming about most lately has been some kind of military zone in the middle east. This is still fresh since I only dreamt this moments ago. Inside a particular building there are always the same two people in there, both of them are friends. One I no longer have contact with and the other I still do. Last night the there were two new guys outside of the building just standing, they appeared to be guarding something, so I asked them what they were doing and they explained that they were trying to demilitarize the area. The area use to a dangerous zone where there was always gun fire. I had to kill a view people in previous dreams before. I’m assuming the locals didn’t like the military being present there. I went inside to speak to my two friends and when I came back outside there was a rally of supporters of the demilitarization. Even a reporter had gotten involved and was broadcasting what was taking place.

It’s just interesting when my dreams happen in episodes. A story that I’m only allowed to view at night and then only for a limited time. One that is hard to remember, but I’m so sure that it happened.

I may try this again in the future, as soon as I get up I write about a dream I had, because if I wait I more than likely will just forget it the longer the day goes on.

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