Just For the Sake

ImageExpect me to be angry!

I don’t know, anyway. Lots been going on. I recently found out that Lifehacking is an actual thing and it’s more than just a blogged style website with tips and tricks on how to do things in well, Life.

Coding, coding, coding. I see why everything I read and the people that have told me about it said you have to keep practicing. You forget so much after a week or two. I hoped back into the Code Academy(codeacademy.com) fray and had to go back through old examples, because I forgot a few things.

Before the year is out, I will have made something that I can send to someone and say look what I made! So much of my routines have changed. Productivity doesn’t have to be only measured by projects, but just how much I do through out the day.

Quick simple just for the sake of blogging.

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