Item Shop Visit #1

This poem needs some explaining. I met a girl at a school shop a few years ago and she noticed I was wearing a Mario themed shirt. I asked her questions to see if she was really into games or just knew who the character was. She turned out to be into video games so I wrote something that was somewhat related to the engagements we had. She said it was cute. Maybe she lied.

Is my princess in another castle or is she within reach?

I played a song to summon my horse and it was you I began to seek.

We met several times before, but even with my magic mirror I didn’t see.

That the princess I had been searching for, could be right within reach.

I visited the shop and ended up leaving with a new shield and smile.

You noticed my tunic, so lingered around for awhile.

I needed more rupees so I could afford a better shield.

I set out to slay slimes, so my sword I began to wield.

I needed currency so I could see you more at the shop.

Even when I bought everything, I continued, I didn’t stop.

I wish I knew a song on my ocarina to slow down time.

Or perhaps an hourglass to freeze it.

Instead of taking your heart, I dropped mine.

Here’s hoping you decide to keep it.

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