Not Enough Time in the… (Presses F5)

hourglassAs I open my web browser, I go to a RSS feed of the news and such that I have deemed things that I care about reading. Sometimes I probably spend anywhere from a hour to two hours of my day reading these things. While I was reading an article I thought to myself that once I’m done reading this I dump the information just as soon as I close the page. Now what I read isn’t exactly news it’s more or less articles about thoughts that others have about things which are ultimately opinions about the world around them. Why do I find these articles fascinating? Or maybe I don’t, I could look at it like it’s just another way for me to waste time and then at the end of my day I’d complain to myself and close friends about how there simply isn’t enough time in a day. From time to time I do come across a read that is beneficial. Maybe a recipe I’d like to try or a tip about how I can use tennis balls. That’s interesting to me. Too often I simply read the thoughts of others, wasting my time.

I’d do better to focus on reading things that have to do with projects I want to work on or something that could help me with my programming.


Have thoughts on how to better use RSS feeds to be productive? Have productivity tips? Go ahead and leave a comment below.

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