Umbrella: Those Bombs Fell, Just As My Heart Did


Just as I had seen the best of you, I saw how fragile you were. And yet, how capable. A glass cannon with the power to turn everything hollow. Hollow enough to not feel the punishment of the wind as it blew twice as strong. Every thought I had up until this point had been wrong. You were blunt, blunt enough to forcefully push me off of a ledge. I’d just barely survive from the fall, but that just meant if I were ever pushed off a ledge that was a bit higher I’d survive and I’d carry on. You brought out resilience in me that  I could not bare to even imagine I had for myself. You wouldn’t let us grow apart. I felt as if you knew I could die without you being around. Though it wasn’t the same for you, you knew it would be within time and you were willing to get there. I’d fallen long before you and as your understanding of how to manipulate the air around you, you’d fall and catch up with me. I didn’t need gravity. You were the reason my feet left the ground.


Want to hear more about the development of Umbrella or care to offer some opinions? Have interest in helping out with development? Leave a comment.

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