Gravity Rush: What Goes Up

gravitydaze-When the PlayStation Vita first launched, I wasn’t someone who immediately went out and got the system. I’m not someone who actually has time to play games on the go so I felt as if I didn’t need one. Though I was on the fence about getting one. Then once the announcement of how Remote Play would work with the PS4 and Vita I made it a point to go out and buy one.

Gravity Rush has been free for PlayStation Plus subscribers for some time now. If you own a Vita there’s no reason why you shouldn’t play this game. There’s also no reason why you shouldn’t be a PS Plus subscriber. The deals are too great to pass up.

I’ve been chipping away at this game for nearly a month now and I finally got to the end and finished it. The game has plenty to do outside of the story missions. There are ‘score attack’ side quest you can do that net you the currency to spend on upgrading your set of skills. I also found some people who were ghost which I think is part of some unmarked side quest. I didn’t find all of them so I’m not sure what benefit is to finding them. In short it’s a nice hefty game for a handheld platform.

In Gravity Rush you play as a girl who has the power to control the gravity around her. You use this power to traverse the open world, dispatch enemies, and retrieve purple gems that you use for making the main character stronger. The story of this game is interesting and it’s hard to hint at what it really is without spoiling anything. Just know there are these things called Nevi and they are your main enemy in the game. The presentation of the game is really nice. The cel-shading on the characters and world around you do a nice job of showing how nice a game on the PS Vita can look. They didn’t need to use hi-res models to show off the hardware, the art style did that itself.

The controls did take some getting use, especially when manipulating gravity and having enemies to fight. I ended up turning the motion controls off after trying to find a nice middle ground with the settings so I can use both the motion controls and the right joystick when aiming. The progression of your character’s abilities is well paced. In the beginning of the game I felt limited in what I could do. By the end, I really felt like she was way stronger than in the beginning; Part of that is because I’d gotten use to the controls and I leveled up my skills. I still had trouble with the end game fight so the difficulty was still there. Often times games make your character too strong and end game boss fights are too easy. That wasn’t the case here.

Since this was a launch title, the developers tried to use almost all of the vita features. Usually when this happens you are forced to use motion and touch controls that you don’t want to use. It was nice that any time one of these features was mixed in the gameplay. You had the option of either turning it off or using a button press to do the same thing.

I would recommend this game to anyone who already has a Vita and is looking for something different and interesting to play. There’s really no reason to not play this game since it’s free for PS Plus subscribers.

Do yourself a favor and get it.

More about Gravity Rush is what you seek? Want to talk about the Vita and upcoming games? Feel free to leave a comment.

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