Destination: Hindsight

cliff_diver_quebradaAnd in those eyes I see a glimpse of my demise.

A reflection of every decision I have made that as pushed you further away.

I attempt to peer into your soul, but all I see is my own.

A reflection I can’t escape.

You’ve analyzed me more than I’ve analyzed myself.

Quietly you stood there.

As the Earth turned and I ignored you, you stood there.

Ready to offer a hand if I needed.

I needed both at this point.

As the hurricane fades and my emotions cascade off of the horizon.

I am met by your expectations.

I have one desire.


Is it fulfillment to ask more of myself? Or is it greed?

The things I need don’t seem to matter, but I allow myself to conspire those desires.

I seek what I need in you.

My heart doesn’t weigh that much when I’m certain.

True words never spoken.

I’d sink to the bottom if I jumped in that ocean.

Or maybe you’d keep me afloat.

Here’s to hoping.

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