Red Tinted Bubble

flat,550x550,075,f (1)We compared it to a bubble. You and I floating over the city as we learned about each other. The wind taking us in the direction that you smiled. Crimson streaks of hair that mesmerized as well as inspired; Somewhere along the way I had forgotten what my favorite color was. Somewhere along the way. Every building in the distance seemed like a destination we needed to explore. Maybe you’d point out something that I never realized. Your natural ability that allowed you to live in two dimensions at one time was apparent. There were things I couldn’t see that you did.

And you shared them with me. In a way that I wouldn’t mind hearing them repeated in exactly the same way.

Repeating everything in exactly the same way, I wouldn’t mind. Floating through a memory with no rough or final draft. For the first time, in a long time I sat in the passenger seat. Allowed you to guide me. You made it clear that you’re use to doing that. Though you’d never been given the chance to sit back. Being in control felt natural to you. I wanted to see you in your element. Watched your words dance from your lips and into the night air. They turned to vapor before reaching my ears. I inhaled what you had to say and on every exhale of mine your eyes slightly closed as you breathed in my response. Your ability to guide a conversation and listen was immaculate.

I fancied the way you spoke. I fancied you.

Every meeting up until now had been whimsical at heart. Joyous and loud. We both sprinkled our conversations with a bit of ourselves. Just enough to have an identity in each other’s mind. With enough identity that we could explain to someone who each other was. I rarely talked about anyone. I still rarely do, but just a tiny bit more frequently now


because of you.

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