Packing for Winter

winter-in-somervilleAs the weather gets colder so does my heart. The opposite of a thermal reaction. Those attractions always seem to blossom when the flowers don’t. How inspiring. That you would choose now to begin admiring. As if there’s something about me that wasn’t there before. Only thing that’s changed is that you see me in my cardigan a bit more. I have longer sleeves, but my heart isn’t visible. This cold air is the catalyst. The reason why you want to melt away into my mattress. I’d offer you hot chocolate, but you might think it a metaphor. I like milk, cocoa powder, marshmellow, and sugar. Nothing more. Tired of feeling the absence is your passion. Fruit from a dying tree. Your text count use to read 12 in my inbox. Today it’s 93. Maybe you realize how awesome I am. No that can’t be it. Because those two weeks after we fuck, I don’t exist. But here you are reaching out when your arms are folded from the cold. This relationship will probably die once it reaches four months old.

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