There’s no gravity

It came from the Moon.

A lot of people that I’ve met throughout my life don’t know that I have a deep fasination
with space. From when I was a kid; I would check out books from my elementary school
library. Books that told me about the different planets and the possibility of there being
more solar systems out there. This interest wasn’t some attempt at trying to find evidence
that there is life on other planets. Of course there is. We aren’t that special. It was
more like an interest in finding out what goes on outside of the world that I was a part
of. Or had the closest contact with. I would spill out facts to anyone that I could to inform them about anything that I had read involving space. It’s almost insane to think about things like that. That our world is just this small.. very very small part of a bigger picture. A picture that we may not ever find out about. I’ll probably be long gone before the next big space breakthrough. But you realize that our conflicts and challanges on an invidual level seem so minut in comparison. With that way of thinking you realize that a lot of things that you let weigh you down that you can’t change. Really don’t matter.

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