Pills for a Knife Wound


We were sitting there. Having a conversation about what happened in the relationship. She turned it into a brief what I had did wrong discussion.

‘next time you’re with someone. don’t make them feel like they don’t matter.’

I wanted her to elaborate, but I figured she was talking about me having other friends that were girls. Something she could have remedied with being more open about how she felt. I remember back when all this was new I told her to tell me if I was doing anything she didn’t like to tell me. And that if me talking to someone bothered her and she wanted me to stop talking to them to tell me. No one wants to say ‘don’t talk to this person or that person.’ but I had given her the go ahead that it was ok to dicate my friendships, because I knew I would expect the same from her. It only ever came to that once. But this was her “reason” for “feeling” how she did. And her “reason” for doing what she did. So I just listened to what she had to say. After she told me what I did wrong in the relationship, I had this.. want to tell her what I felt she had done wrong.

‘next time you’re with someone. don’t fuck someone else.’

But I refrained from the finger pointing. I figure she had had enough things pointed at her already.

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