They used our imagination against us


Remember when you didn’t believe in a god. The most important thing to you was fun and discovery. The person that stood next to you was the most exciting thing going on with you. Those that stood above you, you looked up to. Reached for the sky to be up there with them and would do anything to make it. Smiled at every little thing. Attempted everything without a fear of embarrassment or failing. Back when it seemed possible to do back flips while jumping on trampolines. We all were artist as kids, but somehow most of us lost our will to create, but accepted that we were born from something that doesn’t exist. They used our imagination against us. We sleep with our minds in silence instead of dreaming up worlds to explore. Back when a cape meant something way more than our countries flag or colors. What happened to the young super heroes.. Did they all get desk jobs? Some of them grew up to be an inspiration to the generation before them, but not many. Exploration and knowledge was it’s own currency. We shared discoveries more often than not back then. Sure some of us were stubborn. Kept to ourselves. But this isn’t for those people. This is for the boy that thought they had super powers or the little girl that didn’t care what her hair looked liked. One misshapened afro puff was her fashion statement. Astonishing. The world corrupted our dreamers and turned them into cogs of an invisible machine. Let a god take all the credit when a human shows thier worth. The dreamers that went that extra mile praising a deity for thier status. Confusing thier young counterparts. Tell them it was you instead of something so intangible it changes its meaning when it’s spoken in a different language. So concave is the mind of those that think themselves unworthy of being the source of thier own glory. Your mind is your own. The only one that hears your thoughts are your present and future self. We walk around with opaque collars, but we ignore them. We didn’t have them there as kids. They used our imagination against us.

5 thoughts on “They used our imagination against us

      1. I reread the post, but my opinion is still what I am sticking to. But if you believe that I lack comprehension, please be my guest and explain it again.


  1. I agree with this post. As kids the imagination was all that we had, and that we were able to explore life because it was our right. But as time progressed and as we develop our surroundings told us that our imagination would not get us a good paying job that our imagination would not pay the bills and it would not put food on the table. Our surroundings taught us that the imagination was the enemy. But my question is how do we teach people that the imagination is what kerosene us alive, that that our imagination is what gives us hope.

    By the way this is Joshua we met downtown with my two other friends. Email me so we can link up. Best regards my friend.


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