Online Dating and Running with Scissors

4864998101_2f8f3ea1e3_z           Meeting new people and finding out how we will interact once the awkwardness is gone has always been fascinating to me. The weird ebb & flow of conversation that hasn’t been discovered yet. Both of you fumbling over words and awkward pauses. You don’t know how that person reacts to things so you take more thought into what you’re saying. These are precious moments that tell you a lot about a person. I’ve always believed that you can tell if you like a person after having a conversation with them for a few minutes. Unless they are purposely trying to manipulate the conversation so that you can’t. Genuinely though, it’s not hard to tell what you think of a person after talking to them for awhile. I’ve never had a problem meeting people on my own. Every now and then I make the mistake of thinking about it too much to only sit their and let someone who might be really interesting get away from me. Up until this day I’ve only regretted not talking to someone once or twice. So I’ve started turning to online outlets to meet people. This isn’t some last ditch effort to secure a future with someone I really like. It’s more a thing of curiosity There’s this stigma that I have with online dating sites that make me think that the people who are on them are these desperate and uneven people. It’s been about two weeks and I’ve come to find out that’s not entirely true. Sure you have some profiles that seem like an attempt to toss a basketball from the half-court line seconds before the buzzard goes off in desperation. These are few and far between. There has only been about two persons that I actually want to meet with. Though I’ve exchanged numbers with a few. There’s someone who has an interest in having coffee with me later in the week. Not very original, but I never felt like a date choice describes the type of person someone is. If you can’t sit and have coffee while being in an engaging conversation with someone. They’re probably nothing special anyway. Something that does strike me as odd is I seem to attract girls who don’t exactly have things in common with me. At least not many things in common with. When comparing our profiles there are some small similarities, things like our favorite TV show. When it comes to someone who shares more than a few of the same interest that I have. I rarely receive a reply back from them. Not that I expect everyone to reply to me, but I did think a great advantage of using a site like this is that it makes it easier for people with alternative taste to come in contact with each other. But! It can be a fun experience if you handle it correctly. Sometimes girls will bring up how guys are always looking to hookup or how they get their ego hurt when they don’t reply back and lash out at them. I send out more messages than I receive back, just means to keep moving and not worry about them. Usually if someone messages me(which has only happened a few times) I’ll respond, even if I don’t have an interest I’ll do it to not ignore them. I tell them I’m not interested. Especially the ones that jump to sex questions after only a few exchanges. That’s not for me. There was this one girl who I exchanged numbers with that asked if I could come over the same night we started talking. It was around 10:00pm. That was maybe the weirdest thing and I quickly made it clear that I didn’t want to do that. We don’t talk anymore. I got called an asshole.

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