Nothing Sweet

broken-heart-candySomething sweet to say, but no one to listen.

Sweet nothings are nothing when you don’t have anyone to say them to. I don’t want to stick to you like glue I want to stick to you like I am you. Build a fire by your thoughts as they keep me company. There was a spark that ignited when we met. Flint and tinder should be our nicknames. I could listen to you talk for hours. Actually I did. Our idealogy is similiar. We both take mantras from multiple ways of thinking. A piece of every religion resides in both of us, but neither of us believes in them. It was exciting hearing you convey your thoughts. Your hair swaying back and forth over those eyes I didn’t want to look away from. You spoke with so much energy. You breathed fire with every sentence. Carving your thoughts into my mind with sword and flame. You were a dragon.

I find myself replaying moments that I had with you. The ceiling is the best monitor when you’re on my mind. We don’t talk anymore. Though I wish it different. These things happen. Some journeys don’t have a resolution. They just stop. We both have this passion to be great. I sensed it in you. Maybe you sensed it in me as well. I’m sure you did. The elegant, but ironic thing about all this is that I didn’t put myself in a position to where I would end up being fond of you. I can spend hours talking to someone that isn’t you. But I’m more engadged in that brief coversations that we use to have at the end of the night. The gap is so wide in comparison. It is safe to say I haven’t met anyone like you before. Knowing someone like you exist is comforting in itself. A safe blanket. I can still remember the color palette of your room. Still haven’t cleansed my palate. Not everyone gets that. Drifting away from a desire where the population became one.

Though it was a fun a place to visit.

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