Mental Arrogance


Being smart and pretty isn’t enough.

What’s your passion? What is the reason you breathe? What do you soak your thoughts in at night? That kerosene that has the potential to start a bonfire while you dance away on your own island. Being born with the ability to solve problems and with the stock personal appearance that has been deemed ‘attractive’ isn’t enough. That alone isn’t enough for someone to allow themselves to be devoured by your ambition. Cannibalism never seemed so productive. What words can you say to someone that would awaken them. Allowing them to work alongside their demons?

To say you have ‘beauty and brains’ is an excuse to be mediocre. Once again. The bar is set too low. To think that you are the ideal or the apex simply because of something you were given. What have you taken? What have you claimed for yourself?

Intelligence is expected.
Anything less is fodder for its own kind.

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