Calibration-FrequenciesThe only thing greater than someone’s actions is how those actions affect the people around them. Choices weigh so much more when it’s more than just yourself involved. Tapping my feet as I await for something to change. It’s not that easy, but it was easy to do what was done. A mixed drink: two parts whiskey and one part regret. I’d instantly throw away the umbrella that comes with my cocktail, but I’ll be better off with leaving it in this time. It’s simple to compare a step backwards to drinking. Here’s the part where I make a reference to stumbling.

Here’s the part where the bright side is explained, but really it would be a cover up at this point. Here’s the point where I say how ironic that is. There was a point where it could have been handled better. I can easily tell when my writing will take a turn and become cliche, but I neglected to be aware of how what I was doing was cliche. A typical thing. My writing has come to a screeching halt as of late and I hate that it took this incident for that to change. I’ve been yelling at myself because the person I was being isn’t who I was. That last time I did the waltz with someone. It left my judgement distorted. This was the first time that I liked the past me better. Instead of trying to rationalize my lack of commitment to what I really wanted. I showed cowardice when it came to the responsibility that I owed to myself and those in my company.

Slight miscalculation.

I am becoming myself again.

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