Gingerbread Cave


“You’re just full of surprises.”

I stumbled into a cave. With no map or sense of where I was going or what I was doing, but I knew I wanted to explore it. I wanted to see what was waiting around the corner. What surprises I could find. I kept coming across text written on the walls. There were stories about a girl. Who in her youth led a rambunctious lifestyle. I thought it was odd that these stories were written so close to the ground of the cave. Whoever put these here must have been kneeling or just wasn’t able to reach as high as they would’ve liked to. Still, I crouched over to read them. They were interesting enough to keep my attention. I hoped that maybe the creator of this autobiography that covered the cave walls was still nearby. I remember seeing a drawing on the wall. I couldn’t make out what it was, but it was obvious the artist didn’t like what they had done. You could tell that the person tried to erase it. I turned around and noticed more writings behind me. There was mentioning of the girl going through a pivotal moment in her life where she had to change who she was. Something about finding a new responsibility and having to be there for someone else. I decided to take a break from reading and have a look around. It started to look less like a cave and more like a house that was built inside of a cave. It was a possibility that someone may have actually been living here; Or might have lived here at some point. One of the caverns had a bookshelf and another had a small table with two chairs. There were two small bowls on the table. Next to those a bottle about half empty with what I can only assume was milk. As I stepped backwards to exit the cavern I noticed another room. As I stepped inside I noticed there was rope hanging from the cave ceiling. I assumed this placed may have been used to hold prisoners at some point. There was no sign of escape so they must have been let go or taken somewhere else. I grabbed some of the rope as I figured that I may need it later. As I made my way back to the room with the writings I heard a noise. It sounded like something walking through water. I lowered my body to the ground. As I slowly crept toward the direction of the sound. My heart was beating louder than my footsteps. I took the rope and slowly wrapped it around each of my hands. Not sure of what was around corner. Knowing that this could very well be my last moment. I peeked from around the corner. It was a woman. Her back was turned. She called out to someone and I saw a little girl hopping towards her. The little girl saw me and pointed in my direction. I placed the rope in my bag just as the woman turned to me. She was beautiful. I cleared my throat.


She grinned, walked towards the wall and began writing.

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