Dagger of Jewels

42fb4aadab8d8f60190934b226c2542cA feeling of emptiness once filled my heart. I believe I have two; One heart is capable of having love for someone and the other has love for the things that I’m doing. The latter being the one that felt like it was the only ornament hanging from a tree that’s been thrown away after Christmas. It wasn’t until recently I’ve began to float again. The feeling of a wind carrying me from my bed to the kitchen as I make the best eggs I’ve ever tasted that wasn’t drowned in butter and cheese. A lovely figure quickly walking behind me. Embracing me with her warmth that has helped my forge burn again. I have been dreaming with my eyes closed, not able to understand why I’ve been feeling this way. My mind looking for shelter and hoping that this storm passes. My friends unaware of why I spent so many hours in front of a glowing TV screen and neglecting to use my computer for anything productive. I’ve found my favorite dagger again. It’s just as polished as it was the last time I held it. The hilt laced with jewels of my own imagination. The sharp end able to pierce that outer dark cell membrane that has kept my nucleus from performing it’s basic function. How I do love how it feels to live again.

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