Parseltongue – Spoken Word


Enough with the bullshit as you spew acid from your foul lips.
Your tongue is toxic.
I shadow box with the lies that you manifest.
I hate that I invest time like there’s nothing else.
I could be chasing wealth or even someone else.
You tampered with the cards you were dealt.
The way you slithered in.
You’re a cheat that creeps under silk sheets.
Not mine, because mine were made from polyester.
Hate that I met ya.
Regret that I let cha.
You’re Tweety bird and I’m Sylvester.
Suffer and succotash.
Is what I said when I saw that ass walk pass whose reflection I saw through broken glass.
My pool was only 3 feet deep.
Pause. I had to give it a minute.
At first my heart wasn’t in it.
Because my glass walls were still broken.
Thought I could fall again.
Another shot so here’s to hoping.
I didn’t think you were a slut when you let me touch your butt on the first night.
It’s all about having fun right?
The surprise kiss was nice.
No amount of apologizing could cause me to stop exercising how much I dislike you.
Well that’s not entirely true because I can’t get upset with you because of my expectation of us having a relation.
Ship has sailed after calculating all the lies you tell.
Oh well back to what matters most.
Waking up early for work with eggs and toast.
Coming home to a laptop so I can work on side projects.
That weekend I paid you a visit I don’t regret.
The sex was good.
The food was good.
The view was good.
Thought you were good.
Because I was good.
Thought we were good.
Your last text inspired me to write this.

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