Lone Legacy – Spoken Word

looking over mountain

As I glance over the ocean that is my life.
I see memories in the shape of islands.
Islands that belong to lovers, families, friends.
When it all ends I wonder what kind of picture my ocean will paint.
As my mind begins to fade and the color in my eyes turns a darker shade.
A reflection in the water of how I spent my days.
Though I feel like my youth is not being wasted, there is some truth to the sentence: Time stops for no one.
Oh how much time I have wasted.
My ambition, I’ve misplaced it.
Under the expectations of needing someone to be by my side.
Though I do long for a companion to experience life with.
I can’t help but realize that it isn’t worth holding my future for ransom.
Not that it’s hard to find someone.
I MEAN I know I’m not ugly because my mom calls me handsome.
It just takes a bit of effort to find THAT someone.
There’s a joke in there somewhere about Flava of Love.
Just as it takes effort to find someone, it takes effort to rise above the notion that you can’t be happy alone.
For those that care enough about it, it’s hard. I know.
I use to think the idea of finding someone before I grew into myself appealing.
It still is, but I can’t hold my breath forever.
So I’ve began to exhale ideas and let those creative juices flow.
Instead of worrying so much about getting involved in other types of juices.
My favorite juice is cranberry by the way.
I rather spend my years chasing something that won’t leave me once I catch it.
Take the time to master a craft where years down the line I won’t regret it.
Having knowledge that I can pass down to inspire others to pursue a life that is fulfilling.
I feel like there’s enough of us offering dating advice.
And I figure we need more of us who can teach a room full of people about computers and programming.
But that’s a subject for another day.
Just as another day passes me by.
I’ve stopped asking myself why and now I ask myself what.
What will you do today and who will you touch?
Will you spark something in yourself or in your friends.
Because we are nothing but our legacy when our life ends.

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