Rated C


With my skin exposed.

Her affection has burned off my epidermis. Twice has she peeled back the layers like the fruit she eats. The playing field wasn’t even from the start. I always feel like I have more things to keep to myself, but really I don’t. Lying to myself because I wouldn’t want lie to her. I’d hate for my cardigan to get caught on her fence so I waited until she let me in through the front. She’s given me her key and I made the decision to swallow it. I can still use it to open her up. I just have to twist it the correct way. I allowed her to walk in. She took her shoes off without me even asking. Respect goes both ways and she already knew that. The way she dances in my thoughts throughout the day leaves me with more energy than I awoke with. It’s exciting when she comes around.

I’m excited that she is around. This is the only form of gloating that I ever do.

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