Emotion Concealed

Between_Darkness_and_Wonder2I got love for you. Because you’re off the richter.
Scales don’t add add up when they’re off balance.
You knock me over with your words.
The only person that makes me speak slurs when I’m sober.
We have way more sex around October.
Our birthdays are so close together like our hearts when we make out like high school drop outs.
Holding hands because that’s all we have left to hold onto.
You say you’ll jump if I do and I believe you.
Jump into that velvet emotion we animals call love.
We’re animals because we are higher on the food chain.
Not playing the same games these other cats are.
Titanfall is better than call of duty.
No ones going to get that reference.
But as long as you get it, it’s worth making these words a little less appealing to the main stream.
The only shame I feel is when I don’t tell you how I feel.

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