You Couldn’t Afford a Pokéflute


I am the weight you gained after you gave up.

Not the first. Or the second time, but the third time.

The third time you told yourself you wouldn’t end up as some manager at a department store. Making 30k a year. Just enough to afford that new car you don’t need. Just enough to live in that apartment with the outdated kitchen. So you get that girlfriend you don’t like that you stay with who you now have a child by, because you threw away what little backbone you had after your boss wouldn’t give you that raise.

You know: The one you want, but you wouldn’t ask for.

Sit there outside on your lunch break scrolling down Facebook. That’s all the excitement you’ll see today.

That is until you take that trip to that place that’s one county over.

Your kid will love that for a few years until the child resents you and doesn’t know why.

The child won’t understand until it turns 20; You’ll be at a new job by then.

Some kind of psuedo-lead manager position where you’re making 48k a year.

Yeah.. Now we’re talking.. You’re making the big bucks now.

Oh, how envious they will be of your Snorlax’ed success.

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