Inconsiderate Degenerate

She has so many cat posters on her wall.

Enough to scare a big rat if it thought to look up.

Watch her walk from room to room because her WiFI signal is the weakest when she sits still.

She’s out of touch with nothing to do and no where to be.

Out of touch with touch.

So she bought rechargeable batteries this time.

It’s hard to watch Netflix while doing other things that please her.

She’s never tried making love with Game of Thrones on in the background.

Winter would be the only thing coming in her bedroom if she ever tried.

It still feels cold in her apartment during the summer.

Not even sure what making love feels like.

His favorite thing to watch on TV are the Raiders playing and her’s is Grey’s Anatomy.

There’s only two parts of her anatomy that he cares about.

She swore there was something else about her that was intriguing, but now she doesn’t know.

Shes goes out more often.

Every time the beat drops her drum breaks.

Well her heart, but what’s the differences?

Another cat poster for sale, but she buys it for herself.

The last gift from him was a ride in his truck.

She hates that he just bought rims for it.

Inconsiderate degenerate 2.0(tew-point-oh).

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