The Old Leaders

There’s a new black because the old black wasn’t working.
Old black was complaining while things weren’t changing.
I don’t know enough about Al Sharpton to make a reference.
I want a gold medal for how well I use the English language.
And a purple heart for how many mental scars I’ve gained over the years.
I only consider my black friends my peers.
I’m not on equal ground with the others.
No one ever kills an Asian over how bad they drive.
Or a Hispanic for working too much.
I was born in a pool where the water comes to my neck.
And as I grew, the water kept rising
I’ve watched so many of us drown.
Thrown into the ocean, because we weren’t worth anything.
I use to try to talk to God when I was younger, but now I just talk to myself.
I’m invited to more parties than he is, because I can actually have a conversation.
A topic for another day.
Maybe Jesus will come back and explain it all with a Powerpoint presentation.
“You’re the whitest black guy I know.” is worse than calling me a nigger.
Racist are ignorant and they don’t care, but anyone who says that is just ignorant and unaware.
As if anything of black origin is wrong, but yet you know every popular rap song.
When we split ourselves up into groups it hurts us more, because there are so few of us here.
What ever happened to diversity being diverse. Just another way to put us in a category.
I’m tired of referencing sheep with everything I write.
I could make a cardigan with the amount of wool we have over our eyes.

In my search of a header photo I came across this documentary.

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