The Take Over

I remember when I use to want a wife. Someone I would declare my love for. In a room of crowded people. While someone recited scriptures that I didn’t care about. Her and I having to confess our undying love in front of witnesses who won’t be there for the arduous journey. The more I think about it, the more fruitless I believe it to be. Don’t misunderstand, I love the idea of spending a lifetime with someone in hopes that when my last breath leaves my body it is their name I whisper into the air.

I think that’s worth more than an expensive wedding. A thing to keep in mind is that people with weddings that cost a lot of money have a higher chance of failing. That $8,000 dress doesn’t make your marriage foolproof. It just makes it a risky investment.

Why can’t I commit my life to bettering her’s without the typical wedding attached to it. Just like the dress. The fact that someone doesn’t mind calling you wife doesn’t mean they won’t be ready to call someone else wife. Seasons change, people don’t.

I think Fall Out Boy said that.

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