I Needed A Reason to Blog

No better than a piece of cardboard I’d imagine,
Enough to make a science fair project deserving of a C- at best.
Never have I laid eyes upon the poor excuse of a placeholder.
My hungover day dreams are more vivid than that sheep’s imagination on acid.
My thoughts are the eighth gate.
Doubt the generic successful has even heard of a flying lotus.
I stumble into realizations of the human psyche instead of obeying orders.
Success is easy when your checklist is made for you.
Bravo. I’m not being sarcastic.
That path is easy for a reason.
Even simpletons can make it to the top in an elevator.
Never thought that was something worth flocking to.
Back to the old tricks again I see.
Bravo. I’m not being sarcastic.
I’m probably wrong about 80% of this.
I said that same thing before and ended up drinking more than I did in my early 20s.
Yes, it’s Tuesday. Yes, I’m hungover. Yes, I’m going out again tonight.
Luckily, it’s not as relevant as it use to be.
You’re not there so once again, no need for alarm.
Once again, you have something to fall back on.

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