Unfinished Meal

She’s the only person I’ve seen shooting stars with. While I was enamored by her. Everything of none importance seemed dull and grey. The world around me seemed to show its wonders more often. Acts of kindness and selflessness unfold in front of me when she was in my presence. When I was met with moral decisions while spending time with her, I would handle them differently. All because I had grown to love the world I was a part of while growing to love her in tandem. My reaction to moral conflicts were met with a gleam in my eye and a positive response. My idea of affection changed after our love manifested into a swirl of rebellious infatuation. We paid no attention to the norm, only ourselves and what it meant for each other by being together. What it meant for two beings as grand as ourselves to construct a life that could influence others around us. We were known as a single being, even amongst our peers. As if we both were born from the same oblivion and it would be cataclysmic if the world didn’t know us as us.

Maybe that was our downfall. Accepting that the world would end. Hinting that we believed our world would end would were we not be so entangled by one another. Vines wrapped so tight we strangled each other and didn’t allow each other to grow. We both capable of being a flower in a sea of weeds, but we hindered each other. Even amongst the flame and ruin I struggled to realize what she already had. Perhaps I’m glorifying it because I only think about it in passing now. It’s easy to criticize myself and ask why I talk about something that affected me so negatively. I’m still realizing how much of a good thing it was that it happened. It showed me my limits and how far I was willing to go to make someone happy, including myself. I have a better idea of what I want in a person. It also taught me how to let go. Something I have always had a problem doing. You see I don’t like starting things and not putting in the effort to make them right. That applies to how I handle a lot of things in my life. Sometimes you just have to let things end. Everything doesn’t always resolve completely.

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