It’s A Different Light

I want something to show us in a different light. Show us falling in love without the help of some divine intervention. Show us hate someone without the connotation that we can’t be upset without being violent. It’s hard to watch movies, TV shows, and read any kind of fictional literature. It feels as if we are being pushed into a stereotype that was built for us. This even happens with those from our own lineage who have a creative flair. It’s being wasted. A box designed for us that we willingly step into. Just another reason to refer to the ‘shark > sheep’ equation. They never teach this in school, let alone in church. Why can’t we be different from one another, but still keep that small sliver of culture that we’ve cultivated ourselves after being pulled from our roots. Though our skin is resilient our hearts are sensitive to change. A struggle within a struggle. We wear our shades tinted by religion to make our decisions. We didn’t believe in a person named Jesus until we came here. The same thing they taught our enslaved ancestors to keep them in line we still hold onto. Put that noose around your neck while they hold your smartphone. This will never go viral or be trending. Imagine us all organic-thinkers; Able to learn from what we know rather than only learn from what we’re told.

One of us is killed by a cop, but we’re more upset about the verdict than the racist tsunami that’s happening around it. Be more upset that it’s out in the open and many of them still won’t admit it. Be more upset that many of them won’t admit that we aren’t generally seen as equals. Be more upset of how oblivious many of them are. That’s more scary and upsetting. Instead you get upset over a system you already knew needed to be rebooted. Not for just our sake, but for everyone’s. They jingle keys by the fire pit and you can’t help but look in that direction. Be upset that with video proof of injustice they still find a reason to justify it. I don’t like to use the us vs. them mentality, but what else would it be? They/Them are the whites who don’t want to understand or who are just to simple-minded to understand. The idea that we are overreacting oozing out of their pores as they utter the phrase “race card.”

I’m becoming numb to it. Just as numb as having to deal with it almost everyday. These incidents have been going on for years, but this new information age makes it hard to hide things. It doesn’t hide the fact that my life and very well the life of my children’s children will still not be an equal in comparison to the majority. History shows that it will be better for them than it was for me, but each new generation inherits the older generation’s problems. The well won’t dry up that fast. Honestly, this challenge is somewhat exhilarating. Living somewhere where you can feel like an outcast. If I can maintain and become just as successful if not more successful.

I am the better being.

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