Misprinted Blueprint

I don’t want to die without seeing things.

Without picking up sand from others lands.

Several. So I can tell my children how vast the world is.

How even though I’ve seen every edge of this planet.

That life is more than what you perceive with your eyes.

I hope that they are born without the fear of death.

I’d extract it from if it was in my power.

My ability to explain things gets better with age.

But I worry that in their young age they still wouldn’t be able to understand.

I want my offspring to rip apart my ideas and come to the conclusion that I’ve been wrong about everything.

Establish their own idea of what it means to live.

In their brightest hour; I want them to know that my blueprint was a misprint.

But my intentions were to inspire and not to guide.

That they take from me what they will.

While still living their own lives.

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