Mage Tempo Deck

How tempting you can be. Sitting there with your phone, legs folded, and my attention. Indian style I believed they called it. Usually I’m the one that leads the charge, but the sweet nothings you disperse are easily picked up by me. Our initial encounters could be considered somewhat misleading. Never did I think it would come to this, come to us. As you come to me, un-beckoned. Your unrehearsed theatrics make for the perfect reading material. As I watch the way your skin reflects the sunlight peering through the curtains. You now lying their across from me. Your attention on your tablet. Hearthstone.. again? The thought of you starting with me, but ending your night with that card game makes me smile. I’d be dumb to be jealous of something like that. So I waited for you to finish your match as I fumbled through the top gaming news of the week. You let out a sound of joy and put your tablet away. I pretend like I wasn’t on my phone. We pretend like we’ve never done this before. Like we’ve never been here before. You make a joke about ice armor. We laugh and turn on Steven Universe.

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