The Talk #089

I had the talk with myself last night. You know the one. The one where you tell yourself you’re going to turn your life around. That you’re going to drink less, listen more, and actually spend your day doing something other than going out and playing video games between food and bathroom breaks. I always say this talk is going to be the last one like this. As in, the next time I talk to myself before falling asleep about my life; I want it to be about something other than why doesn’t my willpower match my ambition. I blame it all on staying up late. When I wake up in the morning I’m amped to do everything that I want(and should) do. The only problem is going to work and I blow all of that willpower while I’m there. It could just be me making an excuse. It’s arbitrary, if it wasn’t that I would probably blame it on some other reason. It’s important for me to not end up like person A through D, so then why do I find it so hard to actually do what it takes. It could be the people I’m surrounded with.

But again, that’s another excuse I cooked up. Sauteed reason for not working towards the goals that I set.

As time goes on, my list moves lower on my Google Keep to-do list. Replaced by other things that may or may not get done. Something has to give and I’m spending more time pondering ways to stop this uninspired cycle of slowly getting things done. I wasn’t always like this. I know when it started, but I can’t keep using that as an excuse either.

Here’s to obtaining that productive week I dream about every Sunday night.

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