Dear Black People, Atheism is NOT a ‘White thing’ | Guest Author

Black Atheists

By Camille Mcgregor

I grew up in a Caribbean household. Both of my parents are Jamaican and were born and raised there. I grew up having to attend church every Sunday. As far back as I can recall, I NEVER liked going to church. I had to wake up too early (and I’m not a morning person), I had to put on these gaudy outfits (my style is best described as simple), they did way too much yelling in church (I’m not a fan of being yelled at), I felt like I was always being closely watched and scrutinized even as a child and overall I just never enjoyed the way that being there made me feel.

At the age of eleven I decided that I was actually going to begin to listen to the things that the preacher and other adults in the church were saying rather than passing…

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