Piece by Influential Piece

Remember that time you changed when you didn’t have to? When the world spoke too loud for you to hear yourself think. That moment when you felt what you needed was what you wanted and that what other people wanted was what you needed. You sitting there arguing with yourself as you figure out what it is about you that needs changing. Verbal poison for the mind and your eyes are the dictator. It feels nice for things to just fall into place without you having to rotate a piece of yourself to fit the mold. Everyone else seems to stack together so perfectly, but then why do their personalities disappear once they coin their life as being complete. Reaching for the light switch is the most strenuous goal they’ve added to their to-do list. Even so, when you walk into a dark room they still don’t get it. Your square is their circle and their rectangle your triangle. Everything doesn’t have to blend together so easily, but for some reason you keep trying to bend that spoon with your mind instead of keeping yourself useful. Chrome plated ambition seems feeble in comparison to something that’s gold-plated. You rather have chrome over anything, browsing something you’ve never seen or felt before is more enticing to you than to read a worn out mantle with carvings of things you don’t believe in. Doing things you don’t even believe in. All because you think it’s what you should do.

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