Her: Quirky Puzzle Pieces

How many times can I look in your eyes without blinking? How many times can I hear your voice without thinking? Without thinking about a future. A future where my nights end with you. A television, warm words exchanged and a dream within a dream. I can’t remember the last time I jumped to conclusions so easily. I can’t remember the last time I felt quite this way. It’s odd, but it feels natural at the same time. It was a chore to keep my eyes off of you. There was nothing else that looked quite as inviting. I wondered if you wore that shade on your lips because you knew what my favorite color was. The little things are what stand out more. I’ve spun in my chair several times imaging what it would be like for you to be sitting across from me. Pacing through my chambers with a book in hand. I’d imagine  you more curious about what I’m doing than what you were reading. You would come bother me for a few moments and then get back to your book with your legs folded over each other. It all sounds like a fantasy when I play it in my mind. A fantasy I’d want to be a part of. I’m caught by surprise every time I make eye contact with you and your stare lingers. As if you thrown out a rope for me to hold onto. The closer we are the better I feel. The more you speak the calmer I feel. It’s the reason I comment every time I feel you listening more than talking. I’m beginning to like that transition. The hardest part about seeing you is knowing that I’ll have to leave eventually. Though it does make the next encounter that much more exciting. I think about you more than I care to admit. Different things I like about you running through my mind; Me wondering what else there is about you that I don’t know. Maybe there’s a certain way you brush your teeth or if you sleep with one leg exposed. Quirky things. Quirky thoughts. It all seems to fit with what’s been happening. Unexpected, but it’s something I can’t deny. It just feels right.

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