Her: Listen

I wish I could lie next to you. Reach to my right and intertwine my fingers into yours. Create a web with you. There we would rest our heads. Rest our minds. Unwind and let time pass us by as we be talked about our future. I would let loose words of what you meant to me and explain in due time what I had planned. What I wanted to take root. You smiling and staring me in my eyes. Unlocking all that I had the potential to be. You’ve unlocked a happiness that I haven’t felt in years. Your gaze piercing through every wall I ever constructed. You would set fire to my heart. You would set me free before even one word fell from your lips.

There we would breathe. Live. And enjoy. Enjoy each other in ways we both had forgotten. We would build our foundation the old way. The way that two intelligent people were meant to. By being ourselves and by allowing each other to be ourselves. We blanket ourselves in our own dream. Feet hanging off the bed; The same way our hearts hang onto each other’s words. The same way I wait for you to speak. I look forward to hearing what it is you have to say. It feels like a surprise after I haven’t heard your voice for awhile. This whole thing is a surprise. The equivalent of the gift you asked for on Christmas. The one that you really wanted, but you didn’t think anyone would get it for you. Wrapped in a honey colored silk. Your skin reminds me of honey. And your eyes remind me of what it means to know something so beautiful that the word itself doesn’t quite seem enough to personify what it is that I see when I look at you.

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