Her: Island

These are the things fairy-tales are made of.

Warm coffee with a warm smile. Here we are again, you and me. Staring at each other while hours pass by. Feeling like time doesn’t move while we talk about a time before we knew each other. Drawing out our history to put even more of our puzzle pieces together. I look forward to seeing you walk into a room. All of my senses waiting to be filled with your essence. Your smile never gets old and neither does looking into your eyes. It feels better than the first time. It’s all uphill from here. We jump from subject to subject in our conversations. Everything with you flows. Your words dance from your lips into my heart. And my desire for a future becomes stronger. A future where not only are you the first thing on my awoken mind, but the first thing that I see when I awake to a new day. A new day to share with you. The sun softly lighting the room, just like the way your smile lights up my quintessence. This is what fairy-tales are made of; Someone such as yourself lying across from me. Unraveling the bandages of my memories. Breathing new life into my thoughts. Into me. Kissing so deeply; As though you were extracting water from an abandoned well. I know my worth, but you make it so easy to feel like I am more. You make it easy to enjoy what’s around me. The thought of you is my lighthouse and you are the shore that I am sailing for.

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