Her: Yarn

We’re drifting here in this ocean that we’ve created. You and I. Those words mean a lot to me, being able to say that and you return a smile showing you agree. We light the sky with our emotions and our thoughts about one another. How often you cross my mind would be a question that would warrant the same response since we met. I think of you constantly. Thinking of you is a daily routine that I’ve adopted. The way a forward thinker adopts a different point of view.  I feel like I’ve known you for longer than it has been. I often talk about how time keeps going, but it feels slower when I’m with you. The moments that stand out are the ones that can’t be recreated. We laugh together so often that; Even though I can recall memories with you I know there’s some that that will slip from my mind as we create new ones. All the better. We spend time together differently. What use to be small chunks of the cold night has turned into warm mornings of me waking up to you. You sleep so peacefully. Curled into a ball of yarn as the bed sheets drape over the lower half of your face. So beautiful. You’re the most exquisite when you’re comfortable in your own space. You’ve welcomed me into your domain on several occasions and I dare not take it for granted. After all; You said it’s not something that you often do. I still smile as I walk up your wooden steps before knocking on the door of your chambers. Greeted by your warm smile. Sometimes I think about ways to surprise you to show my affection. You deserve things like that. You know; To be taken off of your feet every once and awhile.

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