Comfort Zone

I grow tired of bedding women who have nothing to offer me but their personal space and confessions. The younger me would find this glorious, but the longer time I spend on this plane the more I realize how empty it is. It is comforting though from time to time. Motionless is the meter that grades whether or not a first conversation can be a lasting one. Lowering standards isn’t in me so I have to look away when her words don’t catch my attention. A quick lie of I’m not really looking for someone; Sometimes I’ll forget to mention. Though I’ll pay attention to what you lack and fill those holes. The ones in your heart I do not care for. Marinate on the message that escapes my lips and the feeling that arouses yours. When my words becomes mute from the loudness of your loneliness. A quick press of my forearm to your throat leaves you gasping for recognition. There’s nothing dangerous about living a lie. I didn’t visit this night to spark conversation, only to spark your battery that’s been dormant for so long. Breathe in the toxins of my affection. Ride the emotion of complacency while you search for what your heart really needs. It isn’t me and you’ll realize this once you’re over the person you thought your life was going to revolve around. I’m the prototype to you, but to me you’re the failed startup that began as a science fair experiment. Too much funding and too much time invested has left you inflated, but the right idealist will come along; and be everything you ever wanted. This isn’t time wasted, but it is time that will be forgotten. 10 years down the road I’ll stumble onto a picture of us saved in my cloud storage with an old geotag location that reads “Comfort Zone.”

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