Writing Challenge: Super Power Reflection

So a friend of mine are both doing writing challenges and I suggested this one: Write as if you were writing to your younger self after finding out that you had a super power. The idea is to never say what the super power is, but reflect on your childhood and show how your choice in super power may correlate to how you view your childhood as an adult. At least that’s how it ended up being.
This is what I wrote with the topic given:


Don’t hide yourself as much as others appear to do. You stand there in your bright orange shorts; Keds and a fanny pack filled with cookies from your grandmother’s cookie jar. Don’t be afraid to be present. You’re welcome even though no one says it. You’re great even though no one seems to think it. Hugs don’t mean automatic praise, but the way you hold your eyes to the ground tell everything. You don’t see yourself being anything but misunderstood. Those around you won’t see you for long. It only takes a second to turn into a thought and be nothing more than a memory. Disappearing from your family for a few years ought to do them some good. They don’t notice that you go straight to your room after getting off the bus from school. You’ve been doing this for years; Only to reappear when the dinner bells ring. When it’s time to go to church. Everyone around you is invisible. You’re the one that can’t see them. And it’s alright. Tears falling down mysteriously. Tears only revealed by rain. Emotion only revealed by a question. No one asked where you are they just expect you to always be there. You’ll be there until it’s time. Until the last dinner bell rings. Your chair present. You left behind the sweets in your fanny pack and replaced it with your grandmother’s wisdom. No one knows when you’ll be back and nobody’s even sure if you were ever there in the first place.

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