Spoken Word: Excuses for the Ruthless [Rough]

Its not hard to show emotion.
Watching my people die in slow motion.
Reminiscent of how they use to throw us in the ocean.
Gasping for air, Grasping for recognition.
Like the way our abused mothers stay in the kitchen.
Saying things like:
“That’s just the way he is.” 
That’s the only reflection,
Instead of learning the lesson the first time he put his hands on you outside of the bedroom.
It isn’t us it’s them, that’s the reason why the majority of us fail out of school.
School isn’t the only way, but saying that shit and then not being shit.
Kinda proves the point that we don’t want shit right?
False idols should be our rivals; instead we cling to them,
Like a virgin girl that clings to a guy who gave her that first orgasm.
It’ll never last, but that’s hard to believe while we’re repeating the pass.
Fuck any nigga that think different, but love any nigga that’s ignorant.
Insert the street code with your game genie.
And be surprised when you lose that one life.
The only unlimited supply of ammo I hear are excuses.
Yeah they abused us, but what’s our excuse now?
The media got us fucking up,
The country got us fucked up,
And we got ourselves fucked up,
Running a muck 
As if we’re excused, because of how we were brought up.
Fuck anyone else that think otherwise.
The sooner the weak ones die, the quicker we’ll stop being throw away human beings.
Yeah it’s fucked up, but we have to realize that with everything we do comes consequence.
I wince at the idea that we deserve a handout.
Bite the hand that feeds you if it only offers you the same thing.
We aren’t drones, but Mace Windu would roll over in his grave if he knew how much of the force we didn’t use.
We excel at anything we put our mind to, anything that we are passionate about we out do the competition.
Instead of being so quick to play victim, why not listen to the rhythm of the world.
We are fearful and needful, when it benefits us.
But the moment we’re mistreated all of sudden we have what it takes to stand up to the opposition.

Our problem isn’t self doubt, it’s accountability.

If one of us messes up, we should point it out instead of finding some outside source to blame.

It isn’t about being better for them it’s about being better for ourselves.

Just imagine what we can do without chains.

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