Star Drifting

I am free of my chains. As intangible as they are a weight has been lifted. Gifted by the cosmos with foresight about my next move. Though I still choose the worst path. Being burdened with the ability to be alive while drowning. Gasping for air in my self inflicted wounds. She kisses them with salted lips. I not equipped to face this disaster that I’ve made an appointment with. My own rival is the me that makes better decisions. There is wisdom in pain, but even with common sense I’m too quick to forgive. I’ll say it plainly. I find it hard to move on. When I’m attached it’s hard to disengage. So instead I activate my thruster while my opponent sets their phasers to kill. Softly is the tone of my voice. Crying out for attention. With no clear mission. Or no clear understanding of the outcome. My blood dries on my forehead as my starship floats through space.

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