Midnight Bedside Discussions

She does backflips over the words that leave my lips.
Dancing circles around me as my point of view becomes unjustified.
She’s bested me in a way that I usually best others.
Why am I tongue tied when I talk to her about things.
I usually sing while I point out other’s false ideas and insecurities.
There she sat on the bed in her own security.
Me babbling and her attacking every misstep that I took.
Usually it’s my body that she commands control over, but this time it was my mind.
I hate that she has the ability to do this, but I love it at the same time.
How romantic of her to point out the plot holes in my observational novels.
I try to retaliate, but again she disarms me.
Leaving me reaching for my daggers while she kicks them across the room.
Twirling her spear while walking circles around me; Surrounded by her confidence.
A paragon among those that would pretend to be as flawless.
I lower my head in defeat and agree with her.
We eat blueberry muffins before going to sleep.

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