Over the Hill: part 1

We swept it under the rug like loose drugs when our kids came home.
Watched them undo their coats and hang them on the hangers of our unfinished conversation.
As our son hugged us both before going into the kitchen we smiled at each other.
I kissed you on your hand and gave our daughter her present.
“Are these car keys?”
She tried to hold her face together, but we saw her crack a smile.
“You’ll have to get a job if you want to keep it.”
She jumped into your arms as tears ran down her face.
I had finally gotten that job I wanted.
Your encouragment had pushed me there.
We could take that trip we wanted.
We could get our daughter what she deserved.
Our son just wanted to eat chocolate muffins, but he would be grateful for a new video game.
“Why is Lainy crying?”
As he eats another muffin with a concerned, but puzzled stare.
“Mom and Dad got me a car, Bono.”
You placed your hand on mine and we smiled at each other.

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