Lego Cocoon

I am not depressed, but I am aware of the sadness that cocoons me.
My demeanor is that of a cub that saw his mother taken away by a natural disaster.
Who do I blame for what has been taken away from me.
My raging mind only calmed by inviting another woman into my life.
I grow tired of this cycle. This comforting lie that sits on the stairs of my conscious mind.
Time has been the only constant.
Love is fleeting and so is affection.
There is no lesson in loving someone who doesn’t love you.
The only good advice I hear is never tell them how you feel.
It saddens me to realize that I get a better response from being cold than I do when being true to myself.
The error is in the design.
I’ll run out of Legos® before I’d be able to build another me.

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