Red & Blue All Over

Here we are. In our late twenties, once again realizing that we don’t have it all figured out. We’ve been wrong before, but for some reason it hurts even more now. Our egos have grown with our age and days seem to blend more than they ever did. Cast me away like you did your friends from college. The difference is that I actually care about your 5 year plan that you have for yourself. You’ll realize it when you’re having your second child. Keep pushing that date back while you decide whether or not you made the right choice. Now is the time where you can make the worst mistakes or the best decisions. Learn from yourself, because your parents checked out a long time ago. You were superlative by design until you stooped down to mediocrity to fit his puzzle piece. Watch the pages burn as you read them. Someone has to purge the lie that’s been fed to us. It won’t be me, because I’m too busy working on myself.

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