The Selfish Planet Part 1: She Created Stars

I watched the universe expand before my eyes. Your skin contrasting my own. Sheets of red and gold cascading under our melded shadows. Shades of grey, shades of excitement. I watched the joy enter through your finger tips and surge through your body. My eyes darting around your beautifully painted canvas; Looking for the slightest pulse of flesh. My words attempted to create friction in your bones. I wanted to remove the burnt ash from your old joints. The reading of an ancient text destroying your twisted afflictions. I wanted you to rise from your false tomb and shed those dead lies that you try to decipher with different methods. You were a nine-tailed fox roaming the cosmos when I met you. With a glowing personality and even brighter eyes that scorched my desires like solar flares being cast from a sun. I’ve observed the way you look at me when your words are only meant for me to hear. Our solitude was in deep space. Next to the last great event horizon. You hear most men talk about a woman’s body having peaks and valleys. However, the pillars of creation are what rest on your hips and thighs. Your carefree attitude puts me at an ease that allows me to be all that I am, all that I feel. And in that haven of certainty we coexist in a way that everyone else seems to have forgotten. We intertwine our emotions in a way that leaves us both exposed. While most of the world would rather hide behind screens and a false persona; We convey our true intentions. Even though the majority would consider us both flawed by design. My big bang happened with you. As you created stars and unraveled time.

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