The Selfish Planet Part 2: You Fell On Your Own Blade

Allow me to reach down into the broken cavity that is your mind.
Your heart has been excavated several times and it has left you hollow.
Your words which use to feel like a cool breeze.
Now dry out my eyes as I try to gaze upon the frail figure of what I thought you were.
Do not feel like this is in anyway a love story.
You keep banging your head against the same Neanderthal hoping that he’ll pay you the attention that you so desperately cry out for.
I am not your savior.
The weakness that you felt about yourself is real.
The pain that you felt is real, but you keep putting your hand to the same hot stove expecting a different outcome.
Insanity is the word that chimes in my ear as I try to make sense of your choices.
I hate that I told you about how much I like s’mores.
Hate that I’ve wasted nights thinking of ways to help you feel whole again.
With a single strike of your forked tongue, you have brought me back to my senses.
Jolted me back to reality.
Just as I was deciding to leave my rational mind and offer you my hand; you quickly snatch yours back and put them back in the chains that he’s constructed for you.
How many times will you answer when he rings the dinner bell?
I will not be your escape plan, nor will I be there when the bombs fall.
I will watch, from my tower with my daggers by my side as your kingdom falls.
My frustration comes from your lack of confidence in yourself and your own decisions.
You are a natural disaster.
A tornado of shattered dreams, ambition, and expectations.
The flame that you ignited in me has been found to be false.
And anything else you thought about me, I will no longer reinforce.
The course that I have set does not include us, you, or your memory.
You’re just that one girl I fucked while Steven Universe was on in the background.
The only part of your memory that I now care about was erased when I did the laundry.

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