The Selfish Planet Part 3: The Decaying Planet

The Tribe

I side with my emotions at times when my rational mind has the best interest for myself. The rational me feels like if I’m heartless then she won’t have strings to pull onto whenever I take a step backward. The idea that I should coat my heart in oil to prevent anyone from holding onto it speaks to me in volumes. I’ve gotten good at cutting people off. I feel like a comet that got caught into your gravitational pull; Covered your sky in a crystal-like ice.

The Legacy

You held on just long enough just to see the wonders that I keep locked away. You never reclaimed your core from the last person you gave it to like you lead me to believe. Two comets colliding because of your carelessness. I care not for conflict, but all a man has is his name when the curtain closes. I would be defending a kingdom that had already fallen. When it all comes to a conclusion, I would have wasted my time on two occasions. I expected more to be born from this so I put logic aside and attempted to navigate this maelstrom. I feel foolish for indulging in your game; Another unwanted lesson.

The Kingdom

The memories that I thought good have been washed away by the insult that your actions have painted without words. I’m still not certain what your intentions were. I offered you a breath of fresh air, but what will stop you from choking on the pollution that you created now that I’m gone?

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